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The history of snapback hats

Snapback hats first started off as the official headwear of ball players, dating back to the Babe Ruth era in the 1950's. They have since grown to become a favourite with many other sports fans such as Nascar, Ice Hockey, Basketball and Football.

The style of these hats are recognizeable due to the bill at the front that is designed to keep the sun out of your eyes and was based on the original 'Brooklyn' style cap of the 1900's. These, however, had a small bill at the front and were not adjustable.

Up to 1954, baseball players would wear their own choice of headgear but this soon changed and fitted 'baseball caps' became part of the uniform. This design of these hats was referred to as the 59fifty and remains the official cap of US ball players and every team has them in their own teams colors.

By the 1980's many other sports began to offer similar style hats as part of their official apparel and although they are not usually part of the teams uniform they are commonly worn by sports people as part of merchandising contracts and many teams will release limited edition versions upon winning championships. You will see fans of the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and Nascar wearing them all over the world.

These hats are also worn by many celebrities, rappers and politicians and although there has been many different variations over the years but its main attraction is still thanks to its comfort and practicality - they bill at the front is designed to keep the sun out of your eyes and the adjustable tabs on the back means it will stay on your head even if its windy. These tabs will let you change the width of the base so it will fit on your head meaning they are usually a one size fits all solution.

These tabs are what earned it the name snapback hat and this is a more common name for them since they are worn outside of baseball matches as well. Indeed, some armed forces also wear them as part of the uniforms too, including the US Navy and Coast Guard. Another variation of these hats are available that have an adjustable cloth strap but most people prefer proper snapback hats as they are often seen as fashionable sportswear.

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